Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Impact on Chess Training

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation.

It has rapidly spread to well over 100 countries worldwide, barely two months after it was first discovered in Wuhan, China.

While neighboring South Korea was initially most badly hit, it has been Iran and Italy that now are having the biggest crisis and there is no question from the numbers coming in that the Middle East and Europe are also at seriously, as is the USA.

Travel bans have been common place, and any form of public gathering is also a big no-no.

Meetings, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and sporting events (including chess) are being cancelled, postponed or suspended.

We are now fairly well informed of the measures one can take to mitigate risk but the science as it is today is projecting a huge percentage of a country’s population is unavoidably going to anyway contact Coronavirus (COVIS-19).

It is clear that the frail are most vulnerable but for most it is the children who are most valuable.

Schools, colleges and universities are beginning to close and our young told to stay at home and that means all forms of extra-curricular activity as we have been used to will end.

The chess trainer is not immune but the game has long enjoyed a close and arguably enabling relationship with technology and so we are luckier than most in that much of what we do can quite seemlessly move online.

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