How China uses Technology in Chess

I am Dong Qian (Emma), a PhD student from graduate school of education, Peking University, majoring in instructional technology. I have learned chess since I was seven years old, it makes me love thinking and quietness, and I treat chess as my friend.

Sadly, before the Spring Festival, a new type of coronavirus broke out in Wuhan. In order to better control the spread of the epidemic, people are at home and a series of events have been cancelled, so does Li Chengzhi Cup Chess Game, a well-known chess game in China. The virus
may prevent people from playing chess face to face, but it doesn’t stop people’s love for chess.

There are some online chess games organized by chess clubs, such as Shandong, Sichuan, Hangzhou, Tianjin Chess Clubs to satisfy chess players to learn from each other. I also participated a quick game with 12 sets. I have to say I made a lot of mistakes when I played online. It is totally different for me to play chess online. It needs more attention and
patience when playing online.

A typical one is Li Chengzhi Cup Chess Online Game which is organized by Zhisai platform. Many young players signed up and play chess online. After this, Li Chao, a famous chess grandmaster in China help replay their chess manuals. I also heard a live broadcast in Huya live broadcast platform.

From my professional point of view, a lot of keywords come back in my mind. Online education, blended learning, live broadcast course, instructional design. But when I really listened to the courses, my true feeling is that education is a systems engineering, different levels of education stages in this system contact closely and influence each other, they composed of the education system.

The best instructional technology is not the wrangling guest who robs the place of the host, but to make the courses flow naturally and smoothly. Huya live broadcast, Classin, Zoom, platform like this, they make it.

But there are still challenges for online chess games. One of the key problems in online game is to confirm whether the players use the AI when they play chess. Li Chao shared his experience. Are you interested in this? You can search videos for answers.

There are also some chess online educational products for young chess players, like Chess League, Love Chess, Lichess, etc. I have written a small paper named A Comparative Study of Chess Online Educational Products.

Chess online educational products began to appear in 2008, and since then the number has increased gradually, reaching the highest in 2016. By 2019, there are 82 chess online educational products from 36 publishers. These products are mainly apps, with rich languages, complete
functions and high ratings, covering the opening, middle and end games of chess. Players of different levels can choose according to their needs.

The earliest online chess educational products in China are mainly official websites, personal blogs, etc. mature products started in 2015. In 2016, apps such as Chess League were launched, and then many kinds of chess service management and tactical training functions continued to develop. In 2018, with the development of technology, WeChat small programs such as Feiqi chess and Chaoyue chess were launched. Most of these products are Chinese, few for Chinese and English users.

Products can be divided into four categories: overall ecology, video tutorial, tactical training, live broadcast product.

  • Overall ecology products are functional, suitable for personalized training of different levels of users, such as, Lichess, Chess League, Feiqi Chess.
  • Video tutorial products are rich in video teaching resources, like Play Magnus—Chess, Love Chess, Chaoyue Chess.
  • Tactical training  products are mainly about tactical training exercise, for example, Chess King, Qubang Internet.
  • The Live broadcast products provide competition service and live broadcast. With the continuous enrichment of product content and functions, more and more products begin to pay for content from courses, data services, etc.

So there are a lot of choices for chess teachers and students. For me, I use to play chess games and replay them with my students. Its engine is very nice. I use Chess League to do interesting practice and do tactical training. I think that its private data analysis maybe very useful for players.

At last, I want to end with a famous saying. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s
about learning to dance in the rain. No matter how high the sky is, stand on tiptoe and you will be closer to the sun.

Love Chess, Come on
Wuhan, China.

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